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In August 2003 Mike-in-the-South-West replied to an enquiry about Majorcan naturist beaches that appeared in the uk.rec.naturist news group with....

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Probably the best known naturist beach on the island is Es Trenc. (Mike's comments about Es Trenc has been collated with other reports and can be found here).

Recently we discovered, in our opinion, an even more attractive naturist beach that felt genuinely Caribbean and which in all of my research I have never read anything about it, anywhere! It was mainly occupied by Germans, although there were a few Spanish at the weekend and in the late afternoon. It was busy but not crowded and almost 100% naturist. The beach is called Pregons Gran and is approached on foot from Colonia de Sant Jordi. At a brisk pace the walk from the road/parking is about 10 minutes along the beach or 15-20 minutes at a more leisurely pace in hot sunshine. I estimate it is about 650-700 yards attractive walk.

To find the beach you need to head towards the north west edge of the town and locate the 4-star Hotel Marques Del Palmer. It is situated on the on the sea shore at Playa es Marques (sometimes referred to as Estanys Playa). The beach is attractive, backed by pine trees, busy and completely textile. The hotel is at one end and there is a pleasant walk of about 550 yards along the shore - firm flat sand making it easy going. At the far end of the beach you go round a corner and the next small bay is Pregons Petit (I understand technically naturist, but because of piles of seaweed and not too attractive we didn't see anybody using it). The sand is a little softer for walking in places here but in only about another 150 yards you go round the next corner and reach the jewel in the crown. Beautiful, no seaweed, calm, sheltered, naturist - perfect. A crescent of fine yellow sand about 200 yards long, with wonderful bathing. If you continue along the beach and turn the next corner you arrive at the most south easterly end of Es Trenc, which is a partly clothes-optional and there are dunes that naturists appear to use. It's hardly worth it though with such an attractive naturist beach before you reach it.

There are no facilities whatsoever on Pregons Gran, although plenty of privacy in the pines behind the beach. The nearest bar and toilets would be in the middle of Playa es Marques, which you walk past on the way to the naturist beach.


In a later posting Mike added...

In addition to Es Trenc, other naturist beaches I know are:
1. Mago, next cove to Portals Vells, south of Magaluf (south west of Palma)
2. East of Can Picafort, walking towards Son Serra Nou and also walking east from Son Serra Nou (north coast)
3. Cala Mesquida, north of Cala Ratjada (north east coast)

There are increasing numbers of small coves accessible on foot, that are becoming clothes-optional. A very good guidebook published last year: 'Complete Guide: Beaches Mallorca & Calbrera' by Miguel Angel Alvarez Alperi, has details of 212 beaches and identifies the ones that are used by naturists. Unfortunately, although I've seen the guide I don't have a copy yet and I believe it's only available from bookshops on the island. I was surprised by how many clothes-optional beaches were listed, but most involve significant walking.

I think access by public transport could be a challenge.


In October 2004 Ian M posted the following in the uk.rec.naturist news-group ...

Plaja Mago is on the Figuera peninsula at GPS N39deg 28.520min E2deg 31.22min. This is a truly wonderful cove, possibly the nicest we have ever found. Its very small, barely the width of the restaurant at the back of the cove which serves the most delicious fresh fish. The restaurant also rents out beach-beds at 5 a hit. Well worth it. This is the ONLY cove in the south of the island that is out of site of all habitation. The whole of the peninsula used to be a military district and is now a nature site in which construction is all but completely forbidden. Hence it still has much of the original pine forests. Approach from Palma on the motorway to Andratx. As the motorway peters out, there is a roundabout. Follow the signs to El Toro and Portais Vells. You will skirt round Magalluf (yuk). As you pass the Water Park, take care not to go to El Toro but bear left onto a grotesquely made-up road through the golf course. You will drive through the forest till you come to a left turning for Plaja Mago. Actually it doesn't matter whether you go there or on to Portais Vells as the latter is just five minutes walk back across the rocks - (a 10 min drive). Park anywhere sensible.

Enjoy - Ian

If you have any comments about this report or wish to add further information  please email them to:
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