La Jenny (2)

Andy Crawford reported on his trip to La Jenny in June 2000.


I've just got back from a two week stay in La J and rather bore you all with a long factual report on the place (as much excellent factual stuff has already been done) I just give a few observations that I made at this West France coastal resort.

They state that nudity is obligatory. One therefore would expect nudity to be the norm. This I found was not the case. Most people moving around the site (either walking or on bikes) remained clothed. As were the users of the shops the bar and the restaurant. Many folk there simply used the place to sunbathe nude at the pool or on the beach and would don tee shirts, shorts (and even bikini tops too) when leaving. Pareo wraps were often used to cover up too. At no time did I feel uncomfortable nude even in the reception office (which is accessable from the outside) nor in the supermarket where I (and the wife) were usually the only ones unclothed. The impression that I got was it was entirely clothes optional. I even saw someone with trunks on in the pool.

Rather ironically, this 'nudite obligitaire' rule was what put us off going to La J for our first naturist holiday some years ago, so we opted for Arnaoutchot further south. Nudity there was certainly the norm. We only witnessed one fully clothed family. I think that that made it easier for new naturists to get comfortable being nude as almost everyone else was too. At La J one could be clothed all of the time and not really be out of place.

The on site supermarket was an absolute rip off. Many of the prices were double or even triple what one would pay at the E.Leclerc or Lidl supermarkets a 20 minute drive away. Even the staff (that lived and worked there) complained about the prices. I figured that they did not want the volumes of business that they *could* get if the prices were reasonable. Needless to say we did not spend much of our food (or any of our booze) budget there. The newsagent/non food shop was considerably better priced and well stocked too with all of those might need or 'like to buy' thingys. I might have bought a La J tee shirt from the boutique if they were a cheaper or if they had something on them that denoted nudity.

I did expect to be able to buy some postcards that were "naturist" but most of them were suitable to even send to Mrs Grundy. Even most of the "La Jenny Residentiel Naturiste Domain" postcards had the word "naturiste" omitted. They were very discreet, apart from one or two that had the word "naturiste" but were still discreet and not obviously from a nudist place. In the nearby towns the postcards featured more beach nudity than the ones on site.

There were many billboards and signs that advertised "La Jenny Residentiel Naturiste Domain". Clearly they are quite open to the public as to what the place is and the locals all seem to know about it. Unlike many British naturists clubs and centres.

A very pleasant place for a holiday. As one staff member told me "the great thing about it is that even in the height of summer when the place is packed, there is still space". The staff were all very helpful. There is plenty to do is you want activities like tennis, vollyball, yoga, archery, pumping iron and riding bikes that go nowhere (to name a few). But if you want to explore by bicycle, I suggest that you take your own. I could have bought one for the price of hiring two for two weeks! Sadly there was some fresh oil on the beach, just little bits here and there which always seemed to end up on our feet. Taking a bottle of washing up liquid to the beach to wash it off ended up as the best solution (no pun)

It's probably a good place to take non-naturist freinds that want to try naturism, but are not sure. They wont feel out of place being clothed with so many other clothed people around. But for the naturist types that demand that everyone else should be nude, they might feel a bit uncomfortable there.


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