Thassos - Greece

In August 2003 Rog sent this trip report the NUFF team.

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Paradise Beach - Thassos - Greece

Thassos is a beautiful island situated in the northern Aegean close to the Greek mainland. The island has no airport of its own but it is easily reached by a ferry journey of about 40 minutes from the mainland, Kavala is the closest airport to fly in to as it is only about 15 minutes from the ferry port. Thassos is well served by the larger British holiday firms and is also popular with German, Greek and Albanian visitors. I stayed in the resort of Skala Potamia which proved to be a good base from which to explore the island and is the nearest resort to the best nude beach on the island. I took a print-off of all the naturist info for Thassos from the ever reliable Cap'n Barefoot but found most of the places listed were no-go as far as going nude was concerned, this was entirely due to it being the high season and even the quieter beaches were pretty busy, I would imagine there are more naturist options in the low season.

There was one place where going nude proved to be no problem at all and that was Paradise Beach, this is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and is recognized as the island's unofficial naturist beach, as well as being one of the best beaches on the island. It is situated about 4KM south of Skala Potamia and is well signposted from the main road with parking in a lay-by as well as a car park at the bottom of the main dirt track leading down to the beach. If you hire a car you will probably be told that driving down onto the beach is not allowed unless you hire a 4WD/Jeep style car as the bumpy track can damage the underside of smaller cars. It should be no trouble for anyone of average fitness to park at the top and walk down, I did this on every visit and it took about 10 minutes to walk down and 15 back up. As well as driving to the beach it was also possible to get taxis from Skala Potamia and arrange to be picked up again later and I was also told that you can get there by bus but I didn't explore that option.

On arriving at the beach it would appear to be almost completely textile, but if you turn Left (facing the sea) and walk northwards you will soon start to see bare bodies mixed in with the textiles and by the time you reach the most northern end it is almost 100% nude. As for facilities on the beach, there are sun beds to hire and a snack bar as well as a first aid post, these are mostly inside the more textile end of the beach but I and others had no problems using the sun beds and visiting the snack bar for drinks whilst nude. Paradise is great for swimming, the beach gently slopes into the sea where it stays sandy so there are no urchins or sharp rocks and the clear water makes it great for snorkeling too. Paradise is a great beach and well worth a visit if you don't mind mixing in a bit with the textiles.

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