Greece - Zakynthos

Victor M. prefers Studland!

In July 2000 posted Victor Meldrew posted this to the uk.rec.naturist news group.

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I recently returned from the Greek island of Zakynthos and thought this little report might help or not as the case may be.

I studied various web sites including Cap'n Barefoot's site and none seemed very favourable but it was too late to do anything else.

I hired a car and toured just about every beach on the some a number of times in particular Banana Beach which is supposedly the `official naturist beach on the island`.

I can state that I did not see one single naturist anywhere on the island and in fact came across a few beaches displaying notices reading " Nudism is forbidden".

I employed a test on each beach which was to simply strip off and see what happened and all I seemed to do was draw a few gasps and titters from passing folk. On one beach I was approached by the sun bed hire man who asked me to cover up as it wasn't that sort of beach despite large numbers of women topless with string up their bums.

Overall I rate this island as extremely poor on CO front. OK I might just have been unlucky at the time I went but it was in the middle of the heat wave and I was sure that I would have seen at least a few other naturists/gokos but not a soul and I came to the conclusion that the wonderful island, and it is indeed a beautiful place, of Zakynthos (a.k.a Zante) is a total dead loss for naturists and if you are thinking of a holiday there and want to pursue naturism then forget it and go else where.

I did ask tour reps and locals and they all said the same. Its just not really accepted and the locals don't really like topless bathing.....amazing really since the Greeks who invented the Olympic games insisted that all male contestants had to perform in the nude (women were banned from such events) and looking about at the art and pictures for sale in the various shops the Greeks don't appear to have a problem with either nudity or sexuality (not that I am linking the two in any way) but sadly it just doesn't seem to extend to real and modern life.

So in summary Zakynthos is a total dead loss.

On the other hand I visited Studland yesterday which was busy and pleasant. A little windy but that gave some great waves to swim in and the water was warmish...! It was a shame that the sun couldn't have held out for longer than it did but beggars can't be choosers. Gimme Studland anytime....Zakynthos...pahhhhhh!

But Mike Carter disagrees and says ...

Gerakas beach appears very textile from cliff tops, but get down to sea level, go past midway (approx) and it's all very relaxed and mostly naked.

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