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In June 2001 Chris Mooney posted this to the uk.rec.naturist news group.

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The naturist beach Benalnatura is situated between Benalmadena and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol South of Malaga. Traveling the coast road from Benalmadena to Fuengirola puts the sea on your left. The road is a dual carriageway and the signs to the beach are on the opposite carriageway! It's quite easy to miss the sign. A landmark is the Torrequabrada Casino on the left. Beyond the Casino (there is a Casino junction) is a roundabout and continuing on the main road the next off ramp takes you down to a small roundabout where you need to cross back under the dual carriageway where there is another roundabout. Don't take the up ramp back to Benalmadena but the side road that runs parallel to it. (May be one extra junction involved but get your co pilot to scan the opposite carriageway for a triple beach sign in Blue) Park where you can in front of the Sandy coloured apartment blocks or there's a small beach bar with car park immediately in front of the roundabout. There is building work going on (June '01) so park as close to the roundabout as you can then walk the path that skirts the apartment building. On your right is a nice non naturist beach, continue walking (less than 100 yds) until you see the big "No cameras No videos" sign and the rest will be obvious.

There is a website for Benalnatura but I can't find the address and unless they've altered the pictures it looks nothing like that now. The beach is situated between 2 rocky headlands with approx. 150 yds of pebbles, coarse and fine sand. Offshore there are rocks as well as just below the waterline, so watch yourself! Once you've located the hazards swimming off this beach is great! The headlands are now built up with apartment blocks. The work carried on regardless of the naturists or was it the other way around. I suspect that given the close proximity of these apartments to the beach many of their owners are beach users too. I think if I had the money I'd buy into the last phase.

The beach is equipped with a bar, shower etc. There is a daily charge for use of Psts. 1000 or you can join their club for Psts. 4000/couple annual. At least that's what I think the sign said. They seem to guard their bit of heaven very strongly. Even providing beach ashtrays. There are strongly worded "bugger off if just curious" notices as well as signs on the beach reminding patrons they are supposed to be nude (!) probably because it's possible to walk in around the headlands on both sides.

I'm an early morning swimmer so can't attest to what goes during the day but the early morning patrons are the usual mix of couples, single here-for-the day men and the occasional voyeur either from the pathway that overlooks the beach or on the beach itself(!). There was also the man who read his paper whilst on his elbows and knees with his bottom pointed directly at the Sun. Quite what that was all about I don't know.

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