Naturist Europe Fact File?

Naturists Exploring Further aField?

Actually, it's the rest of the world, but Naturist World Fact File is not pronounceable as an acronym. This is the repository for anything received by the NUFF team about the rest of the world and that appears to be of value.

We often receive requests from clothes optional recreation organisations asking us to provide links to their own web pages. Unsurprisingly, you will find these on our Links page. If you have any comments about any of these links or wish to add further information please email them to: neffupdate @ ada-augusta . demon . co . uk

We prefer to publish unsolicited reports about holiday experiences. These are either sent to the team or gleaned from the uk.rec.naturist news-net group. So if you have any comments about any of the report on the listed pages or wish to add further information they will be most welcome. Please email them to: neffupdate @ ada-augusta . demon . co . uk

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The information on these pages has been obtained from many different sources, mainly from reports sent direct to the NEFF team but also gleanings from the uk.rec.naturist news group. Thus it is impossible for the team to verify that reports and photos are the original work of the person submitting them and thus they have no choice other than to accept them in good faith and upon the assumption that the intellectual ownership of the material remains with the originator who retains the copyright on the material. In the event of there arising any doubt the offending material will be removed. 

The NEFF team cannot assume any responsibility for any circumstances which may arise due to inaccuracy within these pages and recommend that any person using the information on these pages should take independent steps to check the facts. 

Material may not be copied without full acknowledgement as to its source.

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